How Hip Hop Artists Can Leap Ahead Of the Competition by Promoting Rap Music Overseas

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Music may be a piece of art that everyone likes to listen since years and decades. The songs or the art individuals hear depends upon their mood and their selection for listening. There are variety of entertainers diverting US and variety of viewers getting entertained by these singers. No doubt, these entertainers are the celebs of everyone’s lives since they achieve what interests US.

Hip Hop Artist – Discover the Basic Hip Hop

Hip hop dancing is one of the most creative and innovative dance arts of the past 3 decades. One of the reasons it is so innovative is because of its eclectic nature. Rap dancing brings together various forms of dance such as jazz, ballet, bebop as well as martial arts movements into one particular art form. A few hip hop dancing techniques explained in the following paragraphs will reveal that element of diversity.

Popping and locking dance steps are the most popular steps of rap and Independent Rap Music artists. The steps are very simple and easy to learn. With a single foot placed properly in front of your body in a standing position, leaning back on the rear foot away from the front foot at the knee. Lifting the leading foot, pause in a jerky reaction and bring to flip back to the floor. Repeat this move with your body as you bring your foot down to the floor. Your hands must be at your sides. Along with the beat of the music, begin moving your body, arms and legs in a wavelike motion jerking to the beat.


Rappers Only Require Simple Beats

The great thing with rappers is that they do not need specially crafted beats. They just need some good beat to go with their song. Rappers can range from beginners to professionals. Beginners will usually settle for good sounding but cheap beats while professionals may seek a little twist in their beats. But still, it is not something that you will not be able to satisfy. If you have gone through your beat making software properly, then I am pretty sure that you can make some beats that will wow the rapper market.

How to promote yourself as a Rapper or Performer is you need to get the business straight

Getting in the studio is all you think about. I know the feeling, I’ve been recording over 10 years and I still get that feeling of awe and release. However if you can help it get you name trademarked first so you can promote a name that belongs to you. Next if you want to start your own record label then get a business license. Check with your local government to find out the regulations in your state.


You Can Make Decent Money

Last but not the least; rappers can give you a decent income from beat selling. They purchase beats and they do it all the time. Some of them can also offer you a bigger project. That is if you do well.

You can also look for opportunities by contacting aspiring rappers directly. As I have told you earlier, these people are always looking for new beats to make their songs. You should tap this market and ask them if they need a beat maker to work with them.

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