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Introduction of RAP Music

The world changed dramatically during the second half of the Twentieth Century, as the United States became the most powerful nation both politically and culturally. One American phenomenon that has left its mark in all corners of the world is pop music. Here is my list of the most important pop songs of the Twentieth Century, in chronological order. Perhaps they were not the first, the best or the most original, but they were the right thing at the right time, and they changed history.

Busy, bouncing or not at all… it’s up to you!

While most other kinds of electronic music are all concerning the highs and lows (well, in frequency terms, anyway), hip-hop positively works from the waist down, and is all concerning punchy midst and serious bass. When you listen to a well made hip-hip tracks in a club, the bass will shake the room to its core, often even more than a lot of harder dance styles.

There are three main reasons why hip-hop can go away with having such heavy frequencies without it sounding sort of a muddy mess. First, the tempo is kind of slow, giving much more space for individual notes to breath. Second, the compose of hip-hop is way sparser, usually with solely a simple beat and baseline throughout. And third, the bass patterns are generally not as busy as other genres and are usually compete so low that the pitch of individual notes are not simple to recognize.

Naturally, there are a range of b-line flavours in hip-hop, but these days’ basslines are typically simply used to reinforce the beats, stratified beneath, or at the end of every couple of bars, making one more groove under that of the beats. The golden rule of thumb for hip-hop basslines is to treat them as another music part, instead of a melodic one. And like any drum pattern, what you permit out is usually way more vital than what you permit in.

The Rap Life-Style

HiphopGranted, not all rap music is immoral or violent. According to an article in The New York Times, some of it is devoted to such positive goals as education, discouraging drug abuse, and solving social ills. But inoffensive lyrics may very well be the exception, not the rule. When Newsweek rated the top ten rap albums, using a standard similar to the U.S. movie-rating system, only two were considered G, or suitable for general audiences. Newsweek rated four of the albums R (restricted to adult audiences), and two were even rated X because of “gutter language” and explicit sex.

Besides, the message of rap goes beyond its lyrics. Rap has spawned a cultural revolution. Millions of teenagers wear the oversize clothing, unlaced high-top sneakers, baggy jeans, gold chains, baseball caps, and dark glasses that make up standard rap attire. Many also imitate the flamboyant gestures and the attitude of rap performers. And to the consternation of parents and teachers, no words such as “yo!” and “dis”-the abrasive street slang glorified in rap-have crept into everyday speech.

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