The Rapper is the world’s first truly independent artist

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Every rapper desires to understand the way to promote him or her as a rapper. There are loads of how to push yourself as a rapper, however here i am going to tell you the simplest thanks to get it on. A number of this stuff I’ve wiped out the past in my rap career and a few of those techniques I’ll use in the future. If you wish to be a good rapper then there are things that I may tell you that also might “not” apply to you. It is important that you} add your own vogue to the current and not just take this as law for promoting yourself as a rapper. Each rapper should have their own style and personality. It’s extremely necessary that you just first attempt for originality.


How to Become a Hip Hop Rapper

Now in order for you to become a rapper you first have to learn how to rap. To be honest and truthful everyone will not be able to do this. The gift of music has to be in you. Some of you will never be good at it no matter how hard you try. With that being said learning how to rap starts off with you listening to Independent Rap Music. Everyone has a favourite rapper that they look up to and strive to emulate. Listen to as much rap music as possible. Listen to how the artist puts his or hers words together. As you become familiar with the music, this includes the different styles of beats; you will begin to understand melody and rhythm.

How can you get the best new rap music?

You have to know who you are as a rapper and what your goal is. Show me a rapper with no goal and no sense of identity and I’ll show you an unsuccessful rapper. I once heard that it’s easy to say what you will do but it’s hard to know what you won’t do. You have to stand for something. When I write my music, I’m telling you my true life. It’s no fairy tales with me. I believe you shouldn’t sit down and say I’m going to make a club song or any certain type of song. You should sit down and write a song.

Rappers – How to Hone Your Voice to Become a Great MC

The first thing that an MC can add to his arsenal if he wants to be a great rapper is to have a very unique, trademark voice. Your audience should immediately know who the rapper is when they hear your voice without any need for visual feedback. A strong rapper’s voice should be able to convey a host of emotions through just words. Can you, as an MC, convey hate, anger, love, sarcasm, confidence, vulnerability and more through just your voice? An MC whose voice can rap in just one vocal/emotional range is an MC who will always remain a one trick pony.



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